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Information Communication Technology play an important role in the development of the communication technology, and industrial and commercial sectors need well qualified work force at all levels (skilled workers, technician and engineers). Skilled workers work in hardware and network maintenance and installation, database designing and web and multimedia authoring along with skilled workers from other fields or engineers. They might set-up their own company too. Against these backgrounds TVET teachers in the field of ICT must train the future work force in a professional manner.


In line with Addis Ababa Tegbareid Poly Technic Collage the Mission of Information Communication Technology (ICT) Department devote to provide a well-balance curriculum and quality TVET education programs in ICT responsive to the need of the community and government as well as the businesses and industries locally, nationally and internationally in a fast growing world of information technology and computer systems. Inculcate TVET teachers with the fundamentals of modern information communication Technology, conduct and foster creative innovations by addressing the needs of industry, government and scientific community and educate them which act in a professional manner based on a broad technical competence and a code of ethics.


In line with Addis Ababa Tegbareid Poly Technic Collage Vision, of Information Communication Technology (ICT) Department dream to become the excellent, highly competitive, world-class technology contributor in ICT, dedicated to build up professional TVET teachers and leaders with superlative technological skills in ICT and professional work ethics, and develop lasting partnerships with industrial and government agencies.

Courses Offered

1. Hardware and Network Servicing

2. Web & Database Administration

3. IT Service Management

4. Secretary