Addis Ababa Tegbareid Polytechnic College is the first among the institutes established as colleges in Ethiopia. Not only is it first, but it is also mentioned in the forefront for producing wonderful trainees in the golden years in the field it is engaged in. Therefore, in these times, from accepting trainees to the graduation process, the Registrar’s Office is significant. The college played a role and made it reach its current level. Various documents confirm that earlier training in woodwork, car repair; electrical work and metalwork were the first, thus producing effective intermediate technicians and reaching the current 10 departments.

The fact that it is an old institution that has received and trained up to 5000 trainees in the fields of Automotive, Construction, Surveying Drafting, Woodwork, Biomedical, IT and Business, Electronics, Manufacturing and Garment, is a testament to the knowledge of the trainees who have graduated from the college. Among the great large-scale contributions The College has made to the country are the modernization of systems for institutions such as immigration, including the design of passports, and the creation of anti-forgery codes on old ETB notes by the college graduates. An institution has left big footprints such as technology for slaughterhouse deodorization.

From the name of the Registrar’s Office, as it is known as Record and Archives, to reach the level of the office it is now, the experts who have been working in the department so far have been great. The college’s contributions and hard work have an irreplaceable role. Now, the trainee information in the office is stored from the card-based cabinet that helped the file system to last for many years to the current QR core system. As we have seen on the so-called old cards, explains that in the past, apart from the vocational education, language and math lessons are given. Former employees of the department will take the lion’s share for having undamaged trainee records (previous certificates, diplomas in 10+1, 10+2, 10+3 and level four) as well as transcripts and correspondence with various institutions. IN the end, we are doing our part to raise the greatness and freshness of our college. 

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