Message from Mr. Haileselassie GebreMaryam Gebreslassie

Addis Ababa Tegbareid polytechnic college offers resource-assisted training as well as task-oriented training. We choose and buy the resources we need in this way every year using carefully chosen procurement processes. Two times a year, between August and January, open bids are published. Additionally, it will use limited bidding to obtain resources that we were unable to obtain through open bidding. The call and distribution are what set a limited tender apart from an open tender. To clarify, an open tender is announced in the newspaper and open to all interested parties, while a closed tender is by invitation only and limited to 5-7 organizations. The distribution of bids for an open tender occurs on a specific date, whereas a limited tender may be opened before the set date if all bidders have submitted their responses.

Our college carries out procurement activities in three categories, namely the acquisition of goods, construction materials, and services including non-advisory and advisory services. We want to let you know that we will frequently announce bid on our website related to these procurement categories.


           H/Selassie G/Mariam

 Procurement directorate director